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There’s a crystalline beauty in stumbling across a fic which you like, and then you look up the writer’s œuvre and realize you’d read a fic by them ages ago on a different site in a completely different fandom and era. Like wandering among uni grounds in the beginning of the year and running into an old friend.

I’m having one of those weeks (months) where I can’t really breathe or move very much, and have compensated for it by diving much too deep into a fandom. So I’ve been reading a lot of KHR fic, and only just remembered that KHR was during LJ era so I actually have to look for rec lists and can’t just wade through AO3 and FFN. Both of which I already did, if you want to know how dire my straits are.

Anyway, Yuri on Ice! I’m incredibly excited for this anime. For one, it looks like they’re actually going to be semi-accurate to RL figure skating. I’ve read enough figure skating manga over the years to despair about this, multiple times. Secondly, the artistry shown in the 1st teaser alone—Viktor’s melancholy look up, hair flowing, hand moving in despair—wow. The sound of the ice scratching as a skater comes to a stop took me straight to the rink-side watching someone skate. Also Suwabe Junichi is voicing the artistic brooding Russian skater Viktor and ToyoToshi is voicing the go-getter main character Yuuri, so I’d probably have watched this regardless of the fact it’s all of my anime dreams come true at once.

(Fingers extremely crossed they don’t screw up the figure skating details because I have been known to rant about GOE for days on end. I recently confirmed how deeply I am in this hole as I was at a figure skating event among hardcore fans, and was somehow the person providing scoring commentary. Aiyah.)
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takasugi was caught up in his hallucinations of shoyo, but when his visions and the dust clears all there is to see is the bright marici representing the sun—and gintoki. even as the sun sets.
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Nine or ten years ago, I fell in half-love with Suigetsu Yuki’s Only You and Eden no Hana, despite the soap opera dramatics. Within a year, she was suspended for plagiarism, and I remembering being completely broke up about the fact that Eden no Hana would never finish.

When Suigetsu Yuki came back with Chihayafuru in 2007, I was so excited about it, but I never read it. I didn’t read it when it won the Manga Taishou in 2009. I didn’t watch it when the anime began airing in 2011. I didn’t watch it when my then-coworker, who I admired, vehemently recommended it to me while drunk and walking home from his farewell party in 2011 or 2012. “It’s nostalgia,” he said.

I’ve just watched the first episode. It’s kind of funny, because its theme has haunted me through my teenage years: a nostalgia for the simple friendships that you have when you are ten years old. The first significant story I wrote, that I started writing in 2007, was about exactly that. I spent three years in total writing that story, trying to give it a happy ending, trying to let the main character get over the past. Perhaps it’s for the best I never started reading Chihayafuru in 2007, when I still bought into that nostalgia.

Ten years later: I’m back to Suigetsu Yuki.
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Koutetsu Sangokushi ED single
Kuon by Miyano Mamoru

1. Kuon )
2. Itsuka )
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TV Animation Shounen Onmyouji Ending Theme Yakusoku )

Someone's posted "Egao no Wake" already, with a translation.
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Gundam Seed Destiny Sting Oakley image song

Eden of necessity )

Last updated 8 Jun 2007
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PUPPYPET is like... enka singing and older Jpop meets Jrock. Which is much pain for me trying to figure out what the heck they're singing. The singers look like typical teenage girl pop singers, but not. I don't even know why I tried to do the b-sides, I can't sing along at all.

Black Cat ED single Namidaboshi

1. Namidaboshi )
2. Osaka Fever )
3. Aoi Sora )

Music and lyrics by PUPPYPET
Lyric scans: Nipponsei
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I kind of like the Beck OST (I don't have Keith). I like it much better than Love for NANA, for example. (Which I have listened to all the way through. On the plane.) But then there's rap. I've never really liked rap much. Anyway, Nipponsei's lyrics scans = procrastination.

6. Lost Melody / Belle Ame )
11. Youkai Ningen Bem / Ciel Bleu )
12. Gymnasium / Hyoudou Band )
17. LOVE DISCHORD / Hyoudou Band 2 )

Last updated 8 Jun 2007
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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid OP/ED single

1. Minami Kaze )
2. Mou Ichido Kimi ni Aitai )
3. Ano Hi ni Kaeritai )


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