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In my last post, quoted from Maciej Cegłowski of Pinboard fame:

In this post, quoted from Eric Meyer, CSS expert nonpareil:
Searching For Mark Pilgrim

Just yesterday, I took a screenshot of the title page of Dive Into HTML5 to include in a presentation as a highly recommended resource. Now it’s gone. That site, along with all the other “Dive Into…” sites (Accessibility, Python, Greasemonkey, etc.) and, is returning an HTTP “410 Gone” message. Mark’s Github, Google+, Reddit, and Twitter accounts have all been deleted. And attempts to email him have been bounced back.

This is very reminiscent of Why the Lucky Stiff’s infosuicide, and it’s honestly shocking.
Followed up with:
Mark Pilgrim is alive/annoyed we called the police. Please stand down and give the man privacy and space, and thanks everyone for caring.
There really is no difference.
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Pinboard has traditionally been the bastion of web tech and Daring Fireball–types, but now as fandom's moving to Pinboard:

Popular Tags (as of 2011/09/29)


Also of note:

joeld: Somehow @Pinboard's popular page got taken over by gay fan fiction. I rather miss the web/entrepreneurial stuff predominating.
Pinboard: @joeld same amount of wank, just in a different format
Read more... )

Anyway, for those of you thinking of migrating to Pinboard: it's slightly under $10 to get an account (flat fee), which will rise along with the # of users. You can also pay extra annually to get automatic backups of everything you save (pretty neat). Pinboard still isn't quite fleshed out yet despite being a couple years old, but it looks like Maciej will get stuff like tag bundles and group privacy like LJ up in a reasonable amount of time.

If you're still using Delicious, here's a userstyle to make the new layout more tolerable.

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My DeviantArt account has been deleted for reasons outlined here:
The newest and most blatant example of dA's skewed treatment of gay people is a new stamp by prosaix "Homophobe and Proud of It"

Try reporting it. You can't.

Why? Because tons of people have already tried and dA administrators have marked the case "invalid".

Their stock answer:
"Comment: Thank you for attempting to bring this deviation to the attention of the staff. Unfortunately this deviation does not meet the current definition for "Hate Art". It is important to remember that actual "Hate Art" expresses clearly racist ideals, such as the genocide or enslavement of a certain race or class of people. A work which simply expresses a dislike or negative opinion for a subject is not "Hate Art" regardless of how strong that opinion might be expressed, neither are deviations which you simply find offensive because the beliefs or opinions are the opposite of your own. Please review our FAQ entry on the subject of "Hate Art" available here [link] so that you can be more familiar with the official definition."
I will get to fixing the broken images caused by the account deletion eventually.
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My new Adium skin: snip )

Very light and dainty and unlike me, haha. It's sort of this thing I've been tending towards (cf. my still-in-progress Dreamwidth layout). It's vastly different from my previous Adium skin.
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Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters/Pairings: Yanagi Renji, Inui Sadaharu, the Rikkai regulars
Length: 9,200 words.
Rating: PG for language.
Summary: Yanagi Renji’s life has two parts: Sadaharu, and after Sadaharu.
Warnings: Mathematical concepts, parentheses abuse, characterization abuse.
Notes: Beta’d by [ profile] xelyssa and [personal profile] thursday.

Hearing the Ocean )
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32 · Slide (Prince of Tennis doujinshi) by Hojo Akira
08 · Othello by Hasumi Toui

03 · Slide wallpapers
03 · Slide banners

This is the first of 2 Slide posts. Considering the first one took me 3 years to post, don’t get your hopes up.

I finally made an icon post, wut. )

Please credit! <3
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Behold my boredom. Yup, I pay lots of attention in class!

My #1 consideration for my Halloween uniform is warm. I am such a wuss.

If you're into papercraft or are in need of pretty decorations, go to NaniBird. (Do not pass go, do collect cardstock.) They've got amazing designs, all based off the "bird with a text bubble" concept.

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Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Somewhat Tom/Harry.
Length: ~5300 words
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Trapped in the diary, Tom becomes obsessed with manipulating Harry.
Warnings: Slightly AU, chan implications, some religious insults on Tom’s part.
Notes: This was written for [ profile] parsel_fest a while ago. It wouldn’t have happened without my beta [personal profile] thursday, or E. The poem is by Dylan Thomas; there are also a few lines from the HP books. (This was also heavily influenced by the Stars song “One More Night” and Aoe’s Something Me In You.) Originally titled “Mirror, Mirror”.

Into That Good Night )

Icons :o

Jan. 19th, 2008 04:50 pm
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I still haven't finished those Akira Hojo icons >_> But I do have a few others.

02 · Junjou Romantica
02 · Othello by Hasumi Toui
03 · Rules by Miyamoto Kano

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Please credit~
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BLOOD+ OP4 single
Raion by Jinn

1. Raion )
2. Shiki Sai Sai )
3. Niiroku )


Nov. 7th, 2007 06:47 pm
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I am stuck, therefore more graphics.

10 icons + 2 banners )

Credit if using ^^o
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Musical Tennis no Oujisama
The Best Actors Series 008
Masataka Nakagauchi as Masaharu Nioh and Toru Baba as Hiroshi Yagyu

02. Jibun wo Shinjite )
03. I SHOULD )
04. Depend on me ... Rikkai D1 Edition )
07. PETENshi daa? Nan to demo Ie )
09. Must be strong ~ Finalist ... Rikkai D1 Edition )

Lyric scans thanks to [ profile] dtn

Masterlist of lyrics here

Partially x-posted to [ profile] tenipuri_myu
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch OP2 single
Kaidoku Funou by Jinn

1. Kaidoku Funou )
2. Someday )
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Koutetsu Sangokushi ED single
Kuon by Miyano Mamoru

1. Kuon )
2. Itsuka )


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