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Hi! Thanks so much for writing for me and I’m really forward to reading your work!

General stuff

Things I like reading:

  • character explorations
  • relationships with a lot of well-intentioned teasing/snark
  • politics, sci-fi, or action
  • in media res

Things I don’t like reading:

  • kinky sex (and absolutely no daddy kink, bloodplay, vore, scat, necro, watersports, bestiality)
  • sex is fine but I’d prefer less of a focus on sex
  • no explicit underage sex; no sex between adults and minors
  • deathfic
  • abusive relationships (unless you’re writing for Tokyo Babylon in which case it’s unavoidable)


Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu — Sukeroku, Kikuhiko

I love Rakugo’s nested storytelling and its air of nostalgia; Kikuhiko’s house in the “now” (1970s) reminds me a lot of places I grew up in. If you want to explore these things that’d be awesome.

Sukeroku brings out a different part of Kikuhiko and I’d love to see a happy ending for these two. That said, I wouldn’t be adverse to an exploration of the idea of the shinjuu motif in a different setting.

Tokyo Babylon — Seishirou, Subaru

I’m interested in “what if” scenarios surrounding these two: what if they had met in different circumstances, what if the Bet hadn’t ended after a year, what if they had been closer in age. Buddhist meditations are a strong theme in the manga so that might be something to explore.

On the other hand, if you want to write something more fun, I’d love a crossover with Clamp Gakuen Tanteidan or kaitou shenanigans. And jokes about 1990 Japan are always welcome :D

Yuri on Ice — Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri

I’d prefer no AUs for this fandom, but past or future fic is fine. As only one episode has aired so far I can’t really say much about what I’d like to see. What I’m hoping for from the show is Yuuri gaining confidence in himself and his own abilities, and coming to consider himself an equal to Victor. Also Yuuri is in the midst of a great upheaval for a skater, not just coming back from a bad season, but the worst: switching coaching teams.

(One thing that’s always fun at figure skating competitions is a skater watching another skater—maybe from a different event like the dance—and going “oh I like that footwork let’s incorporate that”. And hunting down coaches to “come help me with this one element” at said competitions. Also truly great skaters like Hanyuu Yuzuru are known for adding their own embellishments to choreography: what did Victor see in Yuuri that he flew all the way to Japan during his off-season when he could have been training?)

Fair warning: I’m a diehard figure skating fan, and I have been thrown way off fics with competitive figure skating in them before due to major inaccuracies. So if you’re writing this fandom you may want to research into required program elements, the scoring system, Grand Prix vs Challenger events, practice & warmup schedules at competitions, etc. (Sorry.)

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