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First of all, [personal profile] eruthiel is my new favourite person ever for writing me the most amazing Yuletide gift (Fortune Depends).

Now I’m going to meta on two stories I wrote, since I didn’t want to meta all over AO3.

Lens Tilt
Political RPF - UK 20th-21st c.

The title refers to using tilt-shifted lenses to take fake miniature diorama photos.

When I started to work on this, I sat down with Austerity Chancellor by Janen Ganesh and made notes on the back of a receipt. The structure of the story comes from there. I then went through the Leveson transcripts. I wrote a few text messages, and the format worked out pretty well, which rounded out the rest of the story. Fun fact: I google imaged BlackBerry Messenger so the text messages would look accurate.

David vs Dave: George Osborne calls David Cameron “David” while Andy Coulson calls him “Dave”. (Leveson, webcameronuk)

Andy was originally brought in because the PR team were doing terribly. Steve Hilton couldn’t bring his old mentor Maurice Saatchi in because Transport for London, then under control of Ken Livingstone, threatened to pull their contract if Saatchi helped with the Tory campaign. (Ganesh)

“I know how this world works,” he said. Unlike Steve.
George considers himself more experienced in politics than people who’ve come in from the outside world, or people like Steve and Dave who’ve gone into the outside world for a few years then come back. (Ganesh)

After Andy and George had their chat, Andy was interviewed by several people, among them Steve, so presumably Steve agreed to Andy’s appointment as Director of Communications. (Leveson) For the purposes of this story I’ve pretended Dave made him.

George: I heard you’re telling people TBGB phoned you right after you resigned but not me? :(
Andy: that’s my story and i’ll swear by it

Andy told Leveson that the Conservatives only phoned him several weeks later, which he’d teased George about at the time. (Leveson)

In his job as a Tory spin doctor, Andy had “practical competence”, an “easy manner”, and was “very well liked”. (Ganesh)

Andy walked into the meeting room, hair still mussed from the cold wind outside, and asked, “Where’s Steve?”
“Won’t come,” Matthew called from the corner armchair. “Says Brown won’t call an election.”

Steve refused to go to election planning meetings because he was certain Gordon Brown wouldn’t call a snap election. As it turned out, he was right. (Ganesh)

“Dave would have never got on that boat”
Andy actually said this to George. (Ganesh)

Andy: remember bournemouth?
George: Stupidest thing I’ve ever done?
Andy: no that’s the coke story. still gets good cvrg in guardn!

One of Andy and George’s first meetings was at the Bournemouth conference in 2006, where they had coffee in George’s hotel suite. It wasn’t a private meeting, although I’ve pretended it was. During his testimony Andy said the “coke and the hooker” story still gets “reasonable coverage in the Guardian”. (Leveson)

“If I hear the phrase Big Society one more time I am phoning Rebekah and telling her to unleash the attack dogs,” Andy said.
Andy and George are much more pragmatic than Steve, and the PR operation was very much Andy and George vs Steve and Dave a lot of the time. (Ganesh)

“We need an actual campaign theme. None of this mishmash amateur Photoshop work that we haven’t even focus grouped.”
The awful green-and-blue “Year for Change” posters were done internally and, yup, never ran through a focus group. (Ganesh)

“It is better than ‘Rethink Everything’,” Andy replied
“Rethink Everything” was a slogan that Steve Hilton wanted to use for the election. It was overruled. (Ganesh)

i’m imagining steve’s smug face right now
Because they had a hung parliament, and Steve had said that Andy and George’s election slogans were uninspiring. (Ganesh)

when are you inviting me to your country house?
Andy did visit Dorneywood sometime in 2010, although Rebekah and Charlie Brooks and Frances Osborne were all present. (Leveson)

George: Heard your news. Can’t say much I’m afraid.
Andy and George haven’t spoken “for a year” as of June 2012, although George still considers himself a personal friend of Andy’s. (Leveson)

Bonus: Matthew Hancock and Rupert Harrison are both mentioned (two of George’s advisers, though Matthew’s an MP now). Sadly, I wasn’t able to work Rohan Silva in. (All the tech jokes I could have made. All the tech jokes.)

The Hotness Fanini Card Project
No Heroics

Originally I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to write George + Andy + Steve, so I watched No Heroics about two weeks before the deadline. Nicholas Burns, James Lance, and Claire Keeling, what’s there not to like? The idea of writing Academy fic appealed to me, but after combing through the remains of the No Heroics website I learned that there was a seven-year age gap between Alex and Devlin. Now with no idea how to write Alex/Devlin and after spending several hour-long bus rides trying to work it out on the back of a single receipt, I went back to George/Andy instead. But the characters stuck with me, so after I finished “Lens Tilt”, I came back to this.

In summary, this fic should be called BOYS JUST TALK THROUGH YOUR FEELINGS.
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