Dec. 21st, 2016

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Before the last episode airs I just want to do some retrospection. Back in March when the first Yuri on Ice trailer aired and we knew nothing but the names of Yuuri, Victor, and Yuri, I was already over the moon. I finally had a figure skating anime, one with good animation and beautiful choreography. I was still worried of course, that they would make amateur mistakes about the figure skating world or the points system (I was fully prepared to write essays about GOE). But I was hopeful.

The first episode finally aired after months of waiting. I thought Victuuri was too over the top at first, but willing to forgive that for the good writing and relatable characters. Onsen on Ice seemed silly but it’s an anime, right? The choreography was good, the music was good, the animation was decent. All of my expectations were already met and I was delighted.

Then we started to see more of the skating world—the little things like skating club friendships, the small circle of competitive figure skating where everyone knows each other from being in the same events and banquets and hotels. The highs and lows that happen when you’re on the ice for long minutes by yourself with all of the stress in the world on you. The slowly development of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship from comic relief to something deeper and timeless. The involvement of world-renown skaters, from Evgenia Medvedeva’s cosplaying to Nobunari Oda and Stéphane Lambiel’s cameos. Watching Yuri on Ice making fans discover, or rediscover, a love of skating. In a few short months, it’s become something much larger than just a simple anime about figure skating.

Whatever comes after this, it’s been an amazing journey with Kubo-sensei, the Yuri on Ice team, and everyone else.


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