Aug. 16th, 2014

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Nine or ten years ago, I fell in half-love with Suigetsu Yuki’s Only You and Eden no Hana, despite the soap opera dramatics. Within a year, she was suspended for plagiarism, and I remembering being completely broke up about the fact that Eden no Hana would never finish.

When Suigetsu Yuki came back with Chihayafuru in 2007, I was so excited about it, but I never read it. I didn’t read it when it won the Manga Taishou in 2009. I didn’t watch it when the anime began airing in 2011. I didn’t watch it when my then-coworker, who I admired, vehemently recommended it to me while drunk and walking home from his farewell party in 2011 or 2012. “It’s nostalgia,” he said.

I’ve just watched the first episode. It’s kind of funny, because its theme has haunted me through my teenage years: a nostalgia for the simple friendships that you have when you are ten years old. The first significant story I wrote, that I started writing in 2007, was about exactly that. I spent three years in total writing that story, trying to give it a happy ending, trying to let the main character get over the past. Perhaps it’s for the best I never started reading Chihayafuru in 2007, when I still bought into that nostalgia.

Ten years later: I’m back to Suigetsu Yuki.


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